3rd, 2nd and 1st Class (Kyu) Brown Belt


3rd Class Brown Belt


New Basic and attack combinations.


Comprehensive firearms (pistol) countermeasures program. This level trains the student in a course of handgun threat defenses (or “disarming”) taught by any military , intelligence or by any “martial arts” course, anywhere. (It is worth mentioning here that Professor Steiner’s text, NO SECOND CHANCE! has been utilized as a classic training manual in disarming by virtually every elite military force both in the USA and abroad).


At this level, the student is trained in the beginner’s stick program. This pre black belt course teaches the excellent Kogs system, combined with absolutely new and unique stick methods original with Steiner, and the “silent killing” stick attack combinations of Fairbairn and Kengla. Students learn baton (i.e.: short stick), the walking stick/riot stick, and the yawara hand stick.


2nd Class Brown Belt


More basics. More attack combinations. Tremendous emphasis now on the student’s serious preparation for eventual testing for black belt, 1st degree. At this level, the student is taught the unique and original SPONTANEOUS KATA Method of attack combination drilling. This fabulous training method (which takes many years to perfect) gives the student all of the advantages of the boxer’s “shadowboxing” and the karate student’s “kata”, while completely eliminating the drawbacks of both!


Many additional defenses are taught at this level, including how to counter threats with a shotgun or rifle.


Finishing the downed attacker is specifically addressed at this level, thus preparing the student formally to dispatch any lethal assailant, if necessary, once he is downed. (This matter is of course fundamentally addressed earlier in the cirriculum..but this phase really expands the pupil’s capabilities to an extremely high degree.)


1st Class Brown Belt


This level includes more basics than any other, and teaches additional attack combinations. It also includes the lengthiest presentation of attack combinations. This level rounds out the student’s defensive skills repertoire and prepares him for promotion to what we consider the first real step toward proficience: Black Belt, 1st Degree.


Note: “Proficiency” is used as a term to designate “Professional Level Competency”, this means much more than just being able to defend oneself or handle a battlefield predicament. A student who has reached “Green” or “Yellow” Belt should be able to defend themselves.