Associate Teachers & Licensed American Combato Teachers

Only two people on earth are, at the present time, licensed and authorized to teach American Combato (Jen-Do-Tao) System. They are:

The possession of a Black Belt is NOT the equivalent of permission and authorization to teach this trademarked and copyrighted property!

Prospective students and those who are interested in this system for whatever reason must note this well, as there may be individuals other than the people above that are improperly representing themselves as teaching American Combato or as being authorized to instruct in our methods. THEY SHOULD BE VERIFIED BY CONTACTING PROFESSOR STEINER, PERSONALLY. USE OF THE NAME “AMERICAN COMBATO (JEN-DO-TAO) WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THE TRADEMARK OWNERS IS A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW AND IS BOTH DISHONORABLE AND IMPROPER. BEWARE OF ANYONE WHO MAY BE ATTEMPTING TO PROMOTE HIMSELF OR HERSELF AS A PROMULGATOR OF THIS SYSTEM. Professor Steiner will gladly confirm the authenticity of anyone who is authorized to teach his System.