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Read The Truth About “Challenge” Fights
And The Myth of “GroundFighting”
Supremacy In Self-Defense

New Monograph (28 Pages) on the realities of close-combat/self-defense and the “grappling-ground fighting fad” gives 21 irrefutable, reality-grounded and incontrovertible reasons why the entire “match” craze and floor-fighting movement is NONSENSE! Every professional self-defense and close-combat teacher and student should study this White paper! A long-needed antidote to a popular — and erroneous — belief that is fostered by special interests in the martial arts field!

Realities of Close Combat/Grappling-Ground Paper…..$15

The Fairbairn-Sykes and Applegate
Silent Killing Course

A piece of history (and commentary) you will NOT want to be without!

Here is an exact reprint of the ORIGINAL WWII course outline as given to Prof. Steiner by his former colleague, Col. Rex Applegate. Included is introductory and follow-up commentary on the course, by Prof. Steiner. This Monograph is a MUST for every serious close-combat student and teacher!

SKC White Paper. . . . . . . . . . . .$15

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