International Combat Martial Arts Federation (ICMAF)

The International Combat Martial Arts Federation (ICMAF) was established in the early 1980’s.  Its President and CEO is Professor Bradley J. Steiner.  Anyone accepted or recognized as an Associate  Teacher in ICMAF is so recognized for their outstanding achievement in the combat arts field and is NOT required to teach our Combato System or to adhere to any curriculum specifications whatever, except that they must  teach practical combat and defense arts.

Until their passing recently both Col. Rex Applegate and Professor Florendo M. Visitacion were distinguished Associate Teachers in ICMAF.  Presently, the following  individuals are members in good standing:

  • Charles Nelson, USMC, Ret. (Veteran of WWII combat on Guadalcanal and noted hand to hand combat teacher.)
  • John McSweeney, 10th Dan (“Father of Irish Karate” and noted self-defense authority.)
  • John Perkins, 7th Dan (Founder of KiCh’uan Do, retired police office and forensics specialist, and fulltime close combat teacher.)
  • Jim Harrison, 10th Dan (One of the Greats in American Martial Arts! A premier teacher and fighter with more experience and background than there is space to list here.  Chief Instructor and  owner of Sakura Warrior Arts.)
  • James R. Jarrett, 5th Dan (Former US Army Special Forces Soldier – “Green Beret” and world recognized counter terrorism specialist as well as ex LAPD SWAT officer. Owner of the US Marksmanship  Academy.)

In addition, it should be noted that all ranks issued in the American Combato system are under the auspices of ICMAF.  While the ICMAF Associate Teachers are unreservedly recommended as professional, to-level  teachers, their ICMAF membership should not be construed to imply that they necessarily agree 100% in their curricula with the program set forth by Professor Steiner.

All certified black belts in AMERICAN COMBATO  (JEN-DO-TAO) who are in good standing are ICMAF certified as well.